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Singapore Polytechnic.

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Anna May
Tuesday, July 5, 2011 9:23 AM
School was ok today. Quite fun as we drew each other's faces ^^
I only like drawing classes :( haiyouuu~
After school had Gelare aisukerimu (icecream) with precious bee.
So sweeet eating sweet treats with my sweetheart!
Sad thing was that didn't took any pics. But oh well...

Went to bee's place afterwards for a lil while and rushed to meet asyiqin at adm macs.
Damn epic thing happened after digging through our way up to the 22th+ powerpoint slide.
The lappy just suddenly blacked out and restarted.
We made quite a commotion which caused the patrons of macs to stare at us.
When my lappy was back up again, the ppt slides came back.

So much for a severe heart attack.

We did mostly of copying & pasting then we went back home. gona continue in the morning.

Sometimes i wonder why am i so bad at convincing people in something that is right.
Am i really so ignorant looking?