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Anna May
Monday, June 13, 2011 1:29 AM
Dear diary,Bebee's school started already and I've still 2 more weeks to go.
A list of things I must keep track to do.
HTI Journal.

Damn the journal seriously. Sigh. Anyway I'm anticipating over the results of my OC project.
Hope I can score well. I Have yet to receive any 'A's yet. *sad face*

Anyway looking back at my secondary school life and poly life, I much prefer people from secondary school.
Poly people come in so many kinds. This is just the beginning of how the people in the working society is going to be.
All the cocky, stuck up, rude, self-centered people.

I've planned to slack for the 1st week of holidays.
Do homework for the 2nd week.
And work the last week.
I guess I need more income. Got the urge to buy some things, and ofcourse maintain the amount of money in my bank.

Just to blog a little between the times I share with my Bebee:)
Hmm.. Met my bebee at late 8 plus at Harbour Front on friday and we wanted to go to USS to see fireworks.
Unfortunately some staff crew said that the $5 tickets were not available for the whole of June until further notice. :(
So ended up, I just went to buy something for my dad and bebee bought popcorns.
Caramel+Cheese. I prefer the caramel one because the cheese one is kinda soft. Like a lau hong.
We strolled around as I've never really walked some places around there.
Headed back to Vivo after awhile and only roamed for a short moment as all the shops are closing.

I shall blog about last night now :)
Went to Bebee's place around late 11 plus.
Waited for 912 for almost 20 minutes, but the people waiting for 969 were more frustrated as they waited a longer time. An old woman was pissed she kept grumbling. Lol.
When I was about to reach Bee's place, the bell wasnt working and I had to alight a stop ahead and figure my way to his place.
Followed Bebee's family to Warren Country Club and had late breakfast with his Uncle's family too.
Spent the rest of the day at Bebee's place with his uncle family, and had our tze char dinner together at Yishun.

Honestly I enjoy being around with his family, however I feel a little awkward and bad inside.
That is because I don't feel good that his family pays for my meals and I just sit there and eat.