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Anna May
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 12:52 PM
Dear diary,

It's raining outside. My windows shut.
It's getting a bit warm here.
It's 3:50AM now.

I can't get to sleep.

Sitting on my bed under a dim orange light.
Tapping away on this laptop blogging.

I miss my Bee.
Many thoughts are spinning around my mind.
Thoughts of the future and etc.

I really miss him now.
Wondering if he's sleeping well.
Wondering what he sees in his dreams?

Shawn's the first guy in my life who really makes me feel special ^_^
Sometimes such things are just hard to explain.
He is the first guy ever to spare so much thoughts and care for me.
First guy who is not self-centered.
First guy who does not have bad attitude towards me.
First guy who is so sweet and sincere.
First guy who doesn't tell me to do/buy things at his bid.
First guy to meet my family.
First guy to bring me to many places.
First guy whom shared with me many new food.
First guy whom make me smile at just the thought of him.
First guy I feel very secure with.
First guy whom made me head over heels over him.
First guy who gave me a very sweet handmade valentines gift.
First guy whom really celebrated my birthday with.
First guy whom bought me a cake with candles lit and a birthday present.
First guy whom sings to me.
First guy whom gives me fireworks when we kiss.
First guy whom makes me addicted to his scent.
First guy to make me want a future with very certainly.
First guy that follows me to and fro the hospital when my eye was infected.
First guy to constantly remind me to put my eyedrops and wear rubber bands.
First guy that always sends me home regardless of where I was.
First guy to listen to me and brush his teeth :D
First guy that sat and chat with me at the void deck for hours.
First guy that sends me home to my doorstep and leaves until I close the door.
First guy that listens to all the songs I send to him.
First guy that doesnt not mind where-ever I want to go.
First guy that I spend my valentines with.
First guy that I met his family and parents.
First guy that was there for me when i was seriously ill.
First guy to touch my heart.
First guy to take strolls with me during lantern festival looking at dim candles at the park.
First guy to piggyback me.
First guy to always fetch me from work regardless of after school.
First guy who is able to tolerate my monthly nonsense.
First guy who shares wonderful moments with.
First guy that comes to visit my home on CNY with my sec school friends.
First guy that I lit a lantern of wishes with and let it float into the sky.
First guy that accompanied me to watch tv at my own home after 1st day of school.
First guy that came to look for me when I was hospitalised.
First guy that is a gentleman.

And that guy, is the guy of my life.