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Anna May
New journey
Saturday, March 12, 2011 2:58 AM
It's been a long long long long time since I last blogged.
Well, I guess I shall start again.

Let me begin with what is on my mind first.
My O level results were quite okay and not disappointing.
I achieved my aim of getting a distinction for Art & English.
I am posted to Visual Communication and media design at Singapore Polytechnic.

I hold a part time job at Ben and Jerry's at the zoo.
The job kind of suck for me.
I guess I am not a person who is cut out to go out there to work. Yet.
I'm contemplating weather to continue this job when school starts or to just quit.

The phase between 2010-2011 has been very eye opening.
In between that 1 year, I've experienced more dramas than ever.
Each coming one after another.
The most impactful one was meeting shawn again.

I've learnt a lot in between that short year.
People come and people go.
Hatred comes and hatred go.
Love comes and love goes.
Ups and downs.
Pain and joy.
Not only that I've learnt how to handle problems in life, I've also learnt more about what the society is going to be.
This is just the very beginning and there is more to come.

I learnt what love really feels like.
It is much sweeter than any candy or flower.
That powerful firework-bursting feeling that is utmost undescribable.
I feel so free and full of joy whenever I see that special person.
Holding his hand or just a peck of his lips makes my whole heart melt.
The explosive spark would go off at the slightest word of 'I love you' coming from his lips.

For my whole life, he is the only one who would make me feel so comfortable & loved.

Friends too, come and go.
I didn't know what happened but I've learnt to be stronger.
Although we do not talk anymore, I still miss you all.
Trust. Understanding. Hypocritical. Contradictions.
Those are lessons learnt.

Oh well,
Poly is going to begin.
Going to embark on my future endeavours.
Meeting new friends soon and a new chapter of my life shall begin.

Hope to do well in every test and score well for my GPA!

This way, Baby and I will have a beautiful future together!