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Anna May
Day at the zoo
Monday, March 28, 2011 9:30 AM
Dear diary,
Today Baby and I made a trip down to the zoo.
We met in the morning and had our breakfast at Macdonalds.
We then took a bus down to the zoo soon after.
Saw a lot of animals and took a few pictures.
Had a large cup of Ben & Jerry's icecream too, thanks to natasha.

Watched 2 shows:
Splash safari and animal friends show.
Animal friends show was quite.. simple? Not up to my expectations.
We continued to walk until 6 plus which the zoo closes.
Took a bus back to woodlands and we both had tomyum for dinner.
Bi came to take his pint and went home.

Quite an interesting day spent today.
Hope to go other places with baby in future:)
Especially overseas!